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Maintenance contract

Ensure the functionality of your Lumikko product through the L-Care contract.


The maintenance contract covers the replacement of components caused by regular wear or normal use, and any scheduled maintenance. As a result, customers do not have any unexpected additional costs during the L-Care contract period. The duration of the contract can be defined according to customer needs, with the maximum being five (5) years.


For the monthly charge, you can have your device maintained or repaired at any contractual Lumikko L-Care maintenance outlet throughout the validity of the contract.


Ease in cost management

  • Through the maintenance contract, costs are divided evenly without any unexpected maintenance and repair costs
  • Maintenance is carried out by an authorised L-Care outled
  • Estimated repair needs, also after the warranty period

reliability and durability

  • Documentation and management of the maintenance history
  • Protection is always in effect in the maintained device
  • Improved resale value
  • The latest updates in devices
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