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Trailer solution LT9M

This unit is an updated version of the Lumikko LT9 temperature controller, equipped with simplified and affordable technology. The LT9M is a new product with a mechanical power transmission mechanism. The new technology and modern diesel engine reduce both operating costs and sound levels while increasing efficiency.


Simple, affordable and reliable technology, incl. mechanical power transmission.


New technology provides increased efficiency.

Silent power

Lower total weight due to simplified technology. The new, modern diesel engine produces less noise and runs at a lower RPM.


Perävaunuratkaisu LT9M


Technical data
Weight 900 kg
Diesel engine 4 cylinders / 19 kW
Compressor 4 cylinders / Open compressor
Electric motor 11 kW
Refrigerant R452A / 8,0 kg


FRC max 15,0 m
FNA max over 20,0 m


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of +30 °C
Transportation temperature 0 °C -20 °C
In diesel mode 14935 W 7814 W
In electric mode 9478 W 7615 W


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In diesel mode 10100 W
In electric mode 10100 W


Fan power
Evaporator air volume 4800 m³/h
Air exit speed 18,0 m/s

*) Please ask Lumikko Technologies Oy about suitability in a certain country.


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