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Heat Master

Lumikko Heat Master is an efficient heating solution powered by a diesel engine and it can be used, for example, in a trailer. When installed in the front wall of the load body, the heater does not take up cargo space. Its reliable engine and efficient fans keep the cargo at the correct temperature between +4 and +30 degrees centigrade, regardless of weather conditions.


Heat Master ensures the correct transport temperature of the cargo and is independently operated.


Heat Master's heating capacity is one of the highest on the market. Its reliable Yanmar diesel engine and powerful fans ensure efficient air circulation and heating in the cargo space. An adequate temperature for the cargo is guaranteed even in cold conditions.


The Start-Stop function automatically starts and stops the device when the correct cargo space temperature is reached. The responsiveness of the heater can be improved by placing the temperature sensors in the desired location.


Heat Master is an independently operated system that allows, for example, the trailer to be detached from the towing vehicle. Different fuel tank sizes can extend the operating time of the heater. Several accessories are available to further enhance the heater’s performance.

Heat Master Technical data*

Perävaunuratkaisu LT9


Technical data
Weight Approx. 230 kg
Diesel engine 1.1 L / 3 cylinders
Generator 12 V / 150 A
Fan power Air volume 5,500 m³
Frame Galvanized framework
Lumikko Control controller Housed in the bottom part of the front wall
Temperature setting Indoor temperature control range from 0°C to +30°C


Heating capacity at outside temperature of -30°C
Full power Power rating 14,0 kW
Low power Power rating 8,0 kW


*) Please ask Lumikko Technologies Oy about suitability in a certain country.

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