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We work tirelessly to minimize the environmental impact of our refrigeration solutions. We strive to make our products as efficient as possible, requiring less maintenance and therefore promoting environmental sustainability.



We aim to develop technologically high quality temperature control solutions that continue having the best refrigeration capacity on the market. We are committed to precise testing procedures and our manufacturing processes are efficient and quality assured.



Our aim is to minimize maintenance of our temperature control solutions and maximize their usage, offering them the best reliability throughout the whole life cycle of the product.



We have highly educated and trustworthy employees, who we listen and respect. We are committed to maintaining and developing their knowledge and skills so that we can offer the best solutions and services to our customers.



We strive to have an atmosphere of innovation and continuous forward thinking at Lumikko ensuring our position at the forefront of temperature control product and service development.



Our aim is to always keep our customers satisfied by helping them do their job better. We aim to develop long term customer relationships, which are supported and deepened by our excellent after sales services.

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