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Truck solution L5BHS

The new truck solution Lumikko L5BHS is the right choice both for long transports and distribution transports. A completely modernized representative of the hybrid product family, the L5BHS for the first time brings small physical external dimensions to the 5 kW power category. With its integrated evaporator and small, light construction, the L5BHS also includes, typically of Lumikko, multi-temperature readiness as a standard.


The construction of the Lumikko L5BHS is so designed that it does not take up cargo space, so the entire transport space can be utilized. When using doors that open up the body side, the evaporator of the refrigerating machine is not an obstacle when the truck is loaded or unloaded.

Functional design

In accordance with the ideology of the hybrid product family, the Lumikko L5BHS was designed to be suitable for vehicles with high cabs. In its size class, the tipping angle of the machine is the best on the market.


The integrated evaporator in the Lumikko L5BHS enables optimum use of the cargo space. Multi-temperature readiness is a standard.  Thanks to hybrid technology, the hot gas feature can be used for heating and defrosting even in this size class.

easy maintenance

The Lumikko L5BHS is a cost- and energy-efficient solution in which the main components are all inside the L5BHS and easy to maintain.


Vetoautoratkaisu L5BHS


Technical data
Weight 450 kg
Diesel engine 3 cylinders / 16 kW
Compressor 4 cylinders / Hybrid BHS
Refrigerant R452A / 5,0 kg


FRC max 8,5 m
FNA max 13,0 m


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of  +30 °C
Transportation temperature 0 °C -20 °C
In diesel mode 9481 W 5014 W
In electric mode 9202 W 4935 W


Heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In diesel mode 5600 W
In electric mode 5600 W


Fan power
Evaporator air volume 2400 m³/h
Air exit speed 17,8 m/s


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