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Lumikko Hydraulic Product Family

An Ecological Solution for Transport Temperature Control

Lumikko’s new family of hydraulic products is a green solution for transport temperature control that reduces both the environmental impact and life cycle costs of temperature control units. The product family includes new truck solutions for installation both in the front of and under the truck’s body.

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Our truck products work with their own power and diesel engines. All our products include electric drive (400V/32A) as a standard. Also multi-temperature readiness (2 temperatures) is a standard in all our products except for the L4BHS temperature control unit. This means flexibility for the end consumer who may not know about his future transport needs. Our product range is comprehensive, it begins with the size class for small and medium-sized cargo spaces (L4BHS), and it also comprises medium-sized cargo spaces (L5BHS) and continues to the most demanding transport needs of large cargo spaces (L6BHS and L7EVO).

Temperature control unit L5BHS

The new truck solution Lumikko L5BHS is the right choice both for long transports and distribution transports.

Temperature control unit L6BHS

L6BHS is ideal especially as a power source for temperature controlled bodies of medium-sized and large trucks.

Temperature control unit L6H

The temperature control unit, featuring technology based on the hydraulic motor, is a better choice for both the environment and cost-effectiveness.

Temperature control unit UMT6BHS

Lumikko UMT6BHS is ideal as a power source for temperature controlled bodies of medium-sized and large trucks.

Temperature control unit UMT6H

The hydraulic engine of the UMT6H requires no additional diesel fuel to operate.

Temperature control unit L7EVO

The L7EVO is suitable for the most demanding multi-temperature transports in both FRC- and FNA-standardized transports.


For trailers, we offer our LT9 product whose reliability and functions have been further improved. Our trailer product is a good solution when you need good power in refrigerated transports and a possibility to heat the cargo space when it is cold. The functionality of the product has been tested under extreme circumstances with temperatures between -30 °C and +55 °C. Our trailer products have been developed to work under severe Nordic circumstances, but, as a result of product development, we have also made a product that works under warm circumstances. The LT9 temperature control unit includes multi-temperature readiness and electric drive (400V/32A) as a standard.

Trailer solution LT9M

New technology provides increased efficiency.

Heat Master

Keep your cargo warm even in freezing winter temperatures


Lumikko has also developed special products for the transportation of poultry. The demanding northern conditions have led us to improve the transportation of animals in order to reduce mortality rates and the strain caused by the transportation. As a result of long-term development, we have developed an air-conditioning unit that can also be used for heating the cargo space. Sufficient ventilation ensures the proper concentration of carbon dioxide in the cargo space.


Lumikko L5DSV has been designed especially for installation in trucks intended for transporting poultry.


Lumikko L5DSV has been designed especially for installation in trucks intended for transporting poultry, while the L300DSV is suitable for trailers.


For cooling and heating use, for small cooling boxes and compartments. Easy to install directly to the box opening.


We have many different accessories for temperature controlled transports.


When you need registration or location of temperature for temperature controlled transports, we recommend our OptiTemp application. You can choose as many temperature or humidity sensors for your cargo space as you wish, but there should be no more than six (6) sensors. In addition, you can extend the program to work also as a cloud service in which case you’ll be able to follow temperatures and transport location in real time.


With the exception of the L4BHS temperature control unit, all our products can be equipped with an external evaporator later, if multi-temperature transports become necessary. Thus, transport possibilities can be expanded flexibly, and the cargo space can be divided into two different compartments even at a later date if transport needs should change.

Evaporator MTE7

The great power and the durable body structure give you the correct transport temperatures and good air circulation.

Evaporator MTE8

The evaporator blows air in two directions to improve the air circulation in the cargo space.

Evaporator MTE11

The one-way blowing MTE11 is a mid-sized addition that brings even more flexibility to temperature controlled transports.

Evaporator MTE14

Simplifications introduced to the evaporator’s circuit design allow for easier installation of the product.

Evaporator MTE22

The evaporator is designed to be used with another new product, the Lumikko UMT6BHS temperature control unit, and it also works as an evaporator for the Lumikko L6BHS temperature control unit.

OptiTemp X3

Lumikko OptiTemp temperature registration devices are designed for the registration, monitoring and alarm indication of the temperature in food and animal transportation, as well as in refrigeration and freezer spaces.

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