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Truck solution L7EVO

The Lumikko L7EVO is a newly developed version of a traditional powerful system. It was designed with cost- and energy-efficiency and reduction of the environmental load in mind. The L7EVO takes over after its predecessor as one of the most powerful diesel-driven truck solutions on the market. It is still one of the best when it comes to both cooling and heating capacity.


The L7EVO’s enormous power is based on high-quality components, an optimized refrigerant circuit as well as liquid and electric heating. In addition, the steering has been simplified and the reliability improved by updating the logics.


Updatings and technological innovations have reduced life cycle costs and with that also the environmental load. The L7EVO is suitable for the most demanding multi-temperature transports in both FRC- and FNA-standardized transports.

advanced power

When it comes to heating and refrigerating capacity, the Lumikko L7EVO is one of the best diesel-powered truck solutions on the market. Multi-temperature readiness and efficient liquid heating are always included as standards.

New design

The Lumikko L7EVO is a cost- and energy-efficient solution with a design updated to meet the requirements of the 2010s. The newest design made the L7EVO totally 25 cm narrower than the previous model, so it is even more suitable for different bodies and cabs.


Thanks to its longer maintenance intervals, updated components and lower fuel consumption, the Lumikko L7EVO has very low operating costs.


Vetoautoratkaisu L7EVO


Technical data
Weight 620 kg
Diesel engine 3 cylinders / 16 kW
Compressor 4 cylinders
Electric motor 9 kW
Refrigerant R452A / 7,0 kg


FRC max 15,0 m
FNA max 15,0 m


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of +30 °C (0 °C - 20 °C)
In diesel mode 11486 W 6558 W
In electric mode 11931 W 6666 W


Heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In diesel mode 10000 W
In electric mode 3500 W


Fan power
Evaporator air volume 2910 m³/h
Air exit speed 8,1 m/s


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