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Temperature control unit L6H

The Lumikko L6H is part of Lumikko’s new green tech hydraulic family of products. The L6H comes with a choice of fixed or separate evaporator unit.  The temperature control unit, featuring technology based on the hydraulic motor, is a better choice for both the environment and cost-effectiveness. 


The hydraulic motor enables the unit to receive its power from the transport vehicle’s PTO. While the vehicle’s engine is running, no additional diesel is needed for operating the temperature control unit. This reduces not only the fuel consumption by transport but also its harmful impact on the environment. Lumikko’s hallmark efficiency and reliability – smaller carbon footprint. 


The hydraulic engine of the L6H requires no additional diesel fuel to operate. This significantly reduces the carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particle emissions created during transportation. 


Due to its quiet hydraulic engine, the running sound of the L6H is nearly undetectable. Low noise emissions make for a more pleasant driving experience and benefit distribution traffic during night and early morning shifts. 


The hydraulic engine requires little maintenance, and no additional diesel fuel is needed to operate the temperature control unit. As a result, both the unit’s operational and life cycle costs are reduced significantly. 


Vetoautoratkaisu L6H


Technical data
Weight 450 kg
Engine Hydraulic engine
Compressor Hybrid BHS
Refrigerant R452A / 7,0 kg


FRC max 9,0 m
FNA max 15,0 m


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of +30 °C
Transportation temperature 0 °C -20 °C
In hydraulic mode 11394 W 6117 W
In electric mode 11206 W 6057 W


Heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In hydraulic mode 10500 W
In electric mode 10500 W


Fan power
Air volume 3740 m³/h
Air exit speed 10,0 m/s


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