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Truck solution L6BHS

The Lumikko L6BHS is a new, technologically advanced truck solution which now brings hybrid technology to multi-temperature transports. Thanks to its hybrid compressor, a separate electric motor is no longer needed. The result is a cost-efficient and lightweight diesel-powered truck solution equipped with a powerful external evaporator or, alternatively, remote evaporators.


L6BHS is ideal especially as a power source for temperature controlled bodies of medium-sized and large trucks. It is also even more suitable for severe Nordic conditions, because the hybrid technology enables the utilization of the hot gas feature for heating the cargo space.


L6BHS adds to Lumikko’s modular hybrid product family. Small and lightweight, L6BHS gives the hybrid product family, in addition to multi-temperature readiness, the hot gas feature which is utilized for heating as well as defrosting.


A cost effective purchase price, low fuel consumption, multi-temperature readiness and minimum service requirements give you a maximum transport capacity.


The ingenious design and details of L6BHS accentuate the dynamics and nimbleness of Lumikko. Thanks to this design, it is now easier to mount the device even in a truck with a high cab.


Vetoautoratkaisu L6BHS


Technical data
Weight 460 kg
Diesel engine 3 cylinders / 16 kW
Compressor 4 cylinders / Hybrid BHS
Refrigerant R452A / 7,0 kg


FRC max 9,0 m
FNA max 15,0 m


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of +30 °C
Transportation temperature 0 °C -20 °C
In diesel mode 11394 W 6117 W
In electric mode 11206 W 6057 W


Heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In diesel mode 8500 W
In electric mode 4600 W


Fan power
Air volume 3740 m³/h
Air exit speed 10,0 m/s



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