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Evaporator MTE8

Lumikko’s L5, L7 and L400 truck and trailer products come with multi-temperature compartmentalisation capability as a standard feature. Therefore, the transportation possibilities can be extended flexibly, and the cargo space can be divided into two compartments even afterwards, as transportation needs can change.


This enables the simultaneous transport of fresh and frozen goods, improving the utilisation ratio and possibilities of the transportation equipment and ensuring that the different transportation temperature requirements of customers are met.

flexible transports

Compartmentalising the cargo space brings versatility and flexibility, enabling the transport of fresh and frozen goods in the same vehicle.

good air circulation

The evaporator blows air in two directions to improve the air circulation in the cargo space.

efficient and durable

The great power of the device and strong body structure ensure adequate temperatures even in demanding transportation conditions.




Technical data
Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 985 x 730 x 200 mm
Air volume 2760 m³/h


Cooling capacity at an outdoor temperature of +30 °C
Transportation temperature 0 °C -20 °C
In diesel mode 9020 W 4660 W
In electric mode 8970 W 4900 W


Heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
In diesel mode 3000 W



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